About Us

Who We are

ISEC is (Industrial & Systems Engineering Co.) We are a group of young, dynamic, experienced & proficient engineers having sound knowledge in the field of various aspects of Electrical, Automation & instrumentation Engineering.

We have handled numerous projects in different parts of our country and different fields. Projects that we had executed so far comprise of industrial projects like in Steel Industry, Cement Industry, Electrical Substations, Petroleum and Gas Companies and other various production houses.

One of the remarkable edges that we compared to other groups is that we have a sound support of responsible technical team with us at the time of handling the technical issues at various site situations which is undoubtedly a very important characteristic that a project team must have in order to run the project smoothly.

ISEC has a documented Health, Saftey and Environmental policy(HSE) that ensures all work processes are conducted out in a safe manner and in compliance with all applicable codes, standards and regulations. The aim is to protect employees, equipment, property, third parties and the environment from injury, loss and damage. We expect all of our employees to participate in the implementation and revision of this policy as best practices evolve.

Our Goals

We have a team which is way different than others in every aspect of professional & individual approach presently working in this field. Our teams approach towards the work is much more focused &coordinated in every aspect.

We do not leave any fragment & neither we give our ‘CLIENT’s an opportunity to complain about our services. We never believe in saying ‘NO’ to our customer’s demand, Which makes us different than our competitors in this field. On top of that our exceedingly competent professional team is always available to solve any set of complexity in a project or at site, which some competitors lack compared to us.

We aim to create a brand image comparable to some of the successful names in this field by setting the highest possible standards in respect to our competitors.

We will take our group to a level that will not only make its presence felt to everyone else but also after accomplishing a job for a client, we do not need to remind ourselves to the CLIENT, instead we will establish ourselves to this much extent in satisfying the client that they will not be left with any option of uncertainty in their minds about our services & our work.

Our Solutions

ISEC is honored to provide you with the best solutions in the field of Control & Electrical Power Systems according to International Standards and as your requirements in the following Fields.

  • Automation system (DCS, PLC, SCADA …etc).
  • Motor Control Center Panels (MCC) & Complete Range of Motors (Ex, Geared, …etc).
  • Low voltage distribution Panels..
  • ATS panels and synchronization panels.
  • ATS 2 Out Of 3, 3 Out Of 5, etc. Distributions Panels.
  • Low & Medium Voltage Power Factor Correction Panels.
  • Contactors and Circuit Breakers.
  • Process Instrumentation (Pressure Transmitters, Level Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, FlowMeters,...etc).
  • Explosion Proof Equipments.

We are here to help you, so please do not hesitate to call us for any clarification required.

Why you love to choose us

We have a team of highly experienced members for the consultancy of our projects & this is why we are competent enough in the field of research on a project, providing plan, layouts & all the pre-execution related activities for any project precisely & accurately in a highly efficient manner so that while execution, the client or the executing authority (in case we are serving as technical consultant for the project) does not face any hindrance or feel the project lacks the level of technically or commercially being not handled appropriately. We have been servicing as a technical consultant for projects based on the following:

  • Electrical Power and Automation.
  • Medium Voltage/Low voltage Switchgear and MCCs.
  • Power/Energy Managements & Analysis Systems.

For Sectors :

  • Manufacturing.
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Real Estate and Hospitality.
  • Transportation