Our Products

Power Sector

ISEC CO. is uniquely positioned to fulfill the needs of the local and regional markets due to our diversified integration and automation solutions that fulfill the various needs of the following sectors:

  • Power
  • Water
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Real Estate and Hospitality.
  • Transportation.

We are experts in transferring both knowledge and technology to the regional power sector in areas such as: Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution.

Our solution for the power sector includes the following:

Distribution Power Panels, Motor Operation Panels based on Direct On Line "DOL", Soft starters, Star-Delta Power Panels, Electrical Drives, Motor Control Centers "MCCs", Switchgear, Low voltage & Medium Voltage Electrical Motors, Automatic Transfer Switches " ATS", Synchronization, Power Management System, Power Factor Correction Panels, Control and Protection Systems.

Oil & Gas Sector

we are providing the High quality products, Equipments and Proficient Services for our customers in GCC, cooperating with our partners in United State, Europe and China.

  • Pumping Units
  • Oil field steam boiler
  • HDPE Liner Tubing
  • Wellhead Equipments
  • Drilling Chemical Material
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Equipments
  • Cementing Tools
  • Open Hole and Cased Hole
  • Drilling Service
  • Completion & Workover service
  • Directional Drilling Service
  • Fishing services
  • Well Intervention Services.

Automation and Control System

PLC, SCADA and DCS Systems.

We are highly capable of designing and providing solution for advanced control system based on PLC & SCADA or DCS.
Upgrading and Troubleshooting of Old Control Systems based on conventional control systems.
We are capable of designing of Automation Systems based on Siemens, Allen-Bradley Rockwell’s, ABB, Honeywell, etc.
SCADA Systems of Siemens Wincc, Wincc Flexible HMI, Allen-Bradley Factory Talk, etc. For controlling & monitoring of field devices and other data collection.
Based graphics are loaded with full real time animations features with support of different languages.
Historical & Real time trending, Events & Alarms Logging and Archiving are also possible in the SCADA system and can take prints and generate reports in the form of PDF, Excel, CSV, and Text as required.
Also we are capable of providing solutions for control systems to utilize almost all types of communication protocols in the automation field OPC DA/HDA/AE server/client, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, DNP3, Profibus, Profinet, DH485, & various manufacturer specific protocols.

Electrical Drives and Soft starters.

We are Capable of Providing solution, Designing, Commissioning & Startup for Industrial electrical drives and soft starters based on the following:

  • AC Drives.
  • DC Drives.
  • Low Voltage Drives.
  • Medium Voltage Drives..
  • Siemens Drives _Micromaster Family.
  • Siemens Drives_Sinamics Family.
  • Siemens SIRIUS Soft-Starters.

Power Management System.

Solution for PC Based Graphics for Power and Energy monitoring via communicable power meters in Power Plants. The system utilizes the PLC, which acquire measured values from all power meters (SIMEAS P 50 & SIMEAS P 600, or other reliable power meters) through Profibus network, and BCM through Modbus communication processor

⦁ The Operator will be able to monitor the switching of C.B.s on SCADA SLD Mimic screens, monitor all power meter measured values, monitor the currents measured by BCMs, and will be able to control switching of C.B.s according to his authority Level.

⦁ The data of SCADA System WinCC or WinccFlexible acquires can be utilized to create reports, Alarms, Logs, and trends.

Telecommunication Systems

  • GSM.
  • Modbus
  • Profibus
  • Instabus
  • Telenetworks
  • ASI Interface
  • Industrial Wireless
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • CCTV
  • Building Automation System
  • Life Safety & Security System


Industrial Communication from Siemens.

Industrial communication is of central importance for high-performance automation applications. Its diversity is mirrored in the broad range of industrial communication solutions from SIMATIC NET that extends beyond Industrial Remote Communication and Industrial Wireless Communication: With PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet, PROFIBUS, AS-Interface and IO-Link, it covers all areas of industrial communication. The optimum solution is guaranteed for every application and every sector. These several communication protocols can be implemented by copper or optical or wireless media.


Flow Meters, Pressure, Temperature and Level Transmitters.

We are also associated with the instrumentation/sensor based products and can integrate such products with our system to provide clients with high end solutions on a very cost effective basis. For such needs we provide solutions on Siemens, Endress + Hauser, Honeywell, Yokogawa, ABB, Rosemount, etc. which comes up with products that can cover any instrumentation/Sensor needs in the industry and our engineers are capable of design, installing, commissioning and startup.